RUCARR Web Conference Nov 10, 2020

The RUCARR web conference on November 10 will host two roundtables:

  • Putin’s “constitutional coup”: context and implications, and
  • The parliamentary elections in Georgia – new challenges for stability and democracy.

All parts of the event will be conducted online i zoom: sign-up link

1.00-3.00 pm:  Putin’s “constitutional coup”: context and implications

Roundtable participants
Dr. Cristian Collina (bullet points), Dept. of Law, Turin University
Dr. Mathew Blackburn (bullet points), Institute of Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), Uppsala University
Dr. Derek Hutcheson (bullet points), RUCARR, Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University
Chair: Prof. Bo Petersson, RUCARR Malmö University

After having vowed for several years that he will never tamper with the Russian Constitution to extend his mandate as President, Vladimir Putin did just that in a surprise move in the spring of 2020. After the proposed changes had been confirmed by the  Russian state duma, the constitutional court and even by popular vote, a package of amendments to the 1993 constitution made it possible for Putin, will and health permitting, to remain in office until 2036. The roundtable discusses the implications of the recent changes for the legitimacy of the political system, for the processes of political succession, and for domestic and foreign politics in Russia.

3.30-5.30 pm: The parliamentary elections in Georgia – new challenges for stability and democracy

Roundtable participants
Dr. David Sichinava (bullet points), Caucasus Reseach Resource Center (CRRC), Tbilisi
Dr. Nino Tabeshadze (bullet points),  GIPA-Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Tbilisi
Dr. Erik Davtyan (bullet points), Center for Strategic Research, Yerevan State University, Yerevan
Chair: Prof. Karina Vamling, RUCARR Malmö University

In recent years Georgia has seen political polarisation and instability against recurring crises in the parliament. This has included actions of boycott by the major opposition parties who have insisted that the electoral system has largely contributed to the Georgian Dream party securing its dominating position in the 2016 parliamentary elections. The country is now set for parliamentary elections on October 31, 2020 with a new election law that has been reformed in the direction of a proportional system. Against this background the roundtable will discuss the results of elections and new challenges for stability and continued democratic development in Georgia.


Link to the registration form   (by Nov 9)


RUCARR Fifth Annual Conference postponeed

Note, that due to the continuously uncertain situation with the covid-19 pandemic, the RUCARR Fifth Annual Conference, scheduled for November 2020,  has been postponed to the late spring of 2021.


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