Legitimacy, urban planning and sustainability in Russia and Scandinavia

ONLINE CONFERENCE ON "Engaging Citizens in Urban Environments", 22 June 2021
Oнлайн-конференция - Вовлечение граждан в процессы развития городской среды - 22 июня 2021 года
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Summary of LUPSRUSS project

The LUPSRUSS (2017-19) and LUPSRUSS-2 (2020-21) projects are funded by the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). They examine processes of urban planning in Scandinavia and Russia. The main focus is on the processes behind sustainable planning and urban improvement in a number of regions in each country, with particular emphasis on how to involve citizens in that process. A second focus is on the incorporation of the needs of people with functional variation into the planning of cities. The project creates considerable scope for synergies and exchanges of ideas and expertise between regions that are facing similar challenges – both between Russia and Scandinavia, and within each country.


The LUPSRUSS-1 project was based on extensive fieldwork in several Russian and Scandinavian locations, in which interviews were carried out and documentary material was analysed to discuss questions of town improvement in comparable northern situations, particularly in small towns.  This was developed in LUPSRUSS-2 into a more systematic evaluation of federal Russian town improvement programmes, with the aid of a national representative survey, focus groups and in-depth focus groups in several key regions.  A second focus of both projects has been on how the needs of people with functional variation are incorporated into the town planning process.  Activities have included a hands-on workshop with several Russian and Swedish municipalities around the Baltic rim, focus groups with organisations representing with functional variation, and a study of their mobilisation in improving town environments for accessibility.

LUPSRUSS Researchers

  • Prof. Derek Hutcheson, Global Political Studies, Malmö University (Project director)
  • Prof. Bo Petersson, Global Political Studies, Malmö University (Scientific advisor)
  • Arkitekt Anne Faurskov, Principal, AFARkitektur, Copenhagen (Co-ordinator, Functional Variation module)
  • Prof. Dmitrii Goncharov, Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg
  • Cecilia Hansson, Global Political Studies, Malmö University
  • Dr Evgenia Likhovtseva, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Marina Nistotskaya, University of Gothenburg
  • Prof. Inessa Tarusina, Head of Department of Comparative Political Studies, the North-Western Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (NWIM RANEPA), St Petersburg
  • Prof. Elena Trubina, Historical Sociology, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg
  • Elena Tselishcheva, RANEPA, Urals Institute of Administration, Ekaterinburg
  • Dr Elena Tsumarova, Docent, North-Western Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (NWIM RANEPA)
  • Anna Zamaraeva, Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics

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