RUCARR researchers

Prof. BO PETERSSON, Co-Founder and Co-Director of RUCARR, PhD Political Science 
Legitimacy, authoritarianism, national identity and political myth. Has throughout his academic career specialized in Russian and post-Soviet politics, with the main methodological approaches being qualitative methods, discourse analysis and elite interviewing.

Prof. KARINA VAMLING, Co-Founder and Co-Director of RUCARR, PhD General Linguistics
Research: Ethnolinguistic diversity, minorities and language policy, linguistic typology, language and culture; travelogues and 19th century history of the region. Regional focus: Georgia and Russian Northwest Caucasus. info

Prof. DEREK S. HUTCHESON, PhD Political Science
Research: Russia, elections, political parties, voting rights, political participation of transnational citizens, citizenship.

Prof. em.  KLAS-GÖRAN KARLSSON, PhD History
Research: Modern international history; Russian, Caucasian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies; Genocide Studies; World War Studies; Global History; European History Cultures and Uses of History.

Prof. BJÖRN SUNDMARK, PhD English Literature
translation studies, children’s and young adult literature, creative writing, literature in education, citizenship education.

Dr. MICHEL ANDERLINI, PhD Global Politics
Research: The European Union´s relations to its Eastern Neighbourhood (Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine), Europeanization, compliance studies and EU law implementation.

Dr. OLEG ANTONOV, Associated researcher, PhD in history TINA ASKANIUS, PhD Media and Communication Studies
Research: social movements, political activism and digital media practices; far-right extremism online; anti-feminism and networked misogyny SVITLANA BABENKO, PhD Sociology
Research: Qualitative and mixed methods research in sociology and gender studies, internal displacement in war-torn regions of Ukraine, inequalities, work, gender, and migration 

NICK BAIGENT, PhD candidate, Global Politics
Research: Infrastructure development, local resistance, energy security, geo-politics of infrastructure, South Caucasus politics. CHRISTOFER BERGLUND, PhD Political Science
Research: comparative politics; international affairs; post-Soviet Eurasia; nationalism; ethnic conflicts; state-building; geopolitics; democratization; experiments.  info TOBIAS DENSKUS, DPhil Development Studies

Dr. NATIA GAMKRELIDZE, Associated researcher, PhD Political Science
Her research interests lie in Political Psychology, Foreign-Policy Decision Making, and International Security, with a regional focus on Eastern Europe, Black Sea Region, Caucasus Region, and Russia. Has throughout his academic career specialized in Russian and post-Soviet politics, with the main methodological approaches being qualitative methods, discourse analysis and elite interviewing.  info

Political anthropology, peace and conflict, everyday life under military occupation, resistance, social and cultural identity. Regional focus on Georgia, the Caucasus, and the former Soviet Union. Main methodological approaches are qualitative, particularly ethnography and qualitative interviews.

Dr. LARS FUNCH HANSEN, PhD in Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, associated researcher

Director Musices DANIEL HANSSON, Guest prof. Lviv University

Dr. MANANA KOCK KOBAIDZE, PhD Kartvelian Languages
Old Georgian and Modern Georgian, dialectology, sociolinguistics.

Dr. MY LILJA, Crimnology, Faculty Health and Society

SVETLANA L’NYAVSKIY-EKELUND, PhD Cand. Cultural History of Central and Eastern Europe
Research: Multilingualism, Language Politics, Policy and Planning, Eastern and Central European regional studies. Has throughout her academic career specialized in Ukrainian and post-Soviet language politics, with the main methodological approaches being qualitative methods, discourse analysis and digital ethnography.

Dr. MÄRTA-LISA MAGNUSSON, PhD Slavonic Languages, associated researcher

Dr. KAMAL MAKILI-ALIYEV, PhD International and Constitutional Law, associated researcher

Dr. TOM NILSSON, PhD Political Science
Research: Public Administration, Public Management, democratization, public ethics, corruption, post-Soviet politics

Dr REVAZ TCHANTOURIA, PhD Caucasian and Comparative Linguistics
Main areas of research: Caucasology and Kartvelology, Contrastive and typological linguistics, The Caucasian-Basque hypothesis, Russian grammar info

TERESA TOMASEVIC, Officer for Widening Access and Participation, including coordinator for Migration Issues
Main areas of interest: Language acquisition; Swedish/Swedish as a second language. Georgian language.

Dr. ALIONA YAROVA, PhD, postdoc researcher
Children’s literature in education, global citizenship education, war literature, creative writing. Specialized in children’s literature in education, with the main methodological approaches being qualitative methods, narrative analysis and participatory action research.


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