Faculty and staff

Bo Petersson (Political Science and IMER) 
Karina Vamling (Caucasus Studies, specialized in Caucasian and General Linguistics) info
Derek Hutcheson (Political Science

Christofer Berglund (Caucasus Studies, PhD Political Science) info
Katrine Gotfredsen (Caucasus Studies, PhD Anthropology) 
Lars Funch Hansen (Caucasus Studies, PhD in Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, -2018) info
Manana Kock Kobaidze (Georgian, PhD Kartvelian Languages) 
Märta-Lisa Magnusson (Caucasus Studies, PhD Slavonic Studies, retired 2017) 
Kamal Makili-Aliyev (Human Rights, PhD International and Constitutional Law, –2022)
Tom Nilsson (PhD Political Science)
Revaz Tchantouria (Russian, Georgian;  PhD Caucasian and Comparative Linguistics) info

Natia Gamkrelidze (associated researcher info

PhD Candidates
Michel Anderlini (Global Politics) 
Nick Baigent (Global Politics)

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