Seminar on Pro-Western and Pro-Russian Tendencies in Georgia’s Foreign Policy

Welcome to a web & campus seminar on February 28, 3.30 pm (Swedish time) with Dr. David Matsaberidze, who will give a paper on the topic:  “Pro-Western and Pro-Russian Tendencies in Georgia’s Foreign Policy”

David Matsaberidze is Assistant professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Social and Political Science, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

3.30 pm (Swedish time)

Campus seminar – Niagara building  C0502.
Web seminar – for Malmö University students & staff: LIVE Lecture & live chat
Follow the seminar online at:

Two RUCARR papers on the future of the EU

Welcome to this semester’s first RUCARR seminars! Due to unforseen circumstances we will have to make a change in the programme.

Paper (1)

Associate professor Derek Hutchesson (European Studies, Dept. of Global Political Studies) will give the presentation: Brexit, the future of the EU and its implications for the wider Europe

When: February 7, 14-16.
Where: C826, Niagara building

Paper (2)

Prof. Bo Petersson, (left) Co-Director of RUCARR,  will present a new book chapter: Perspektiv på östutvidgningen: EU:s triumf eller fröet till dess undergång? 

The chapter is included in the new publication: Tilliten i EU vid ett vägskäl. Europaperspektiv 2017. Santérus förlag.
Discussant: Associate professor Derek Hutchesson.

When: March 14, 14-16.
Where: Niagara building