RUCARR Fellows

RUCARR Research Fellows conduct active research in accordance with his or her project outline. They present their research at the RUCARR research seminar, participate in other seminars at RUCARR and Global Political Studies and are available for consultations with junior scholars and PhD candidates at the department and at the research platform.

Dr Maia Barkaia (fall 2023)

Dr. Maia Barkaia, Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), Tbilisi (Georgia) spent October 2023 at RUCARR and GPS as a RUCARR Fellow. Seminar presentations given during the research visit: “The Discussion about Postcolonial and Post-Soviet Affinities: Borderlands Perspectives and Georgian Historiography” and “Georgia’s Eastern Borderland Entanglements: Pankisi Gorge Crisis”.

Dr Aliaksei Kazharski (fall 2022)

Dr Aliaksei Kazharski, Charles University in Prague, Comenius University in Bratislava was the first RUCARR  Fellow, spending September-October 2022 at RUCARR and GPS.  “‘OK, realist?’ A critical scrutiny of rationalization in Western commentary on Russia and Eastern Europe”. Publication based on the research conducted at RUCARR: “An Authoritarian Spectacle: Visual Biopolitics and the Dramaturgy of the Poland-Belarus Border Migration Crisis”, Visual Anthropology, 2023, 36. (link to article).

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