Two RUCARR papers on the future of the EU

Welcome to this semester’s first RUCARR seminars! Due to unforseen circumstances we will have to make a change in the programme.

Paper (1)

Associate professor Derek Hutchesson (European Studies, Dept. of Global Political Studies) will give the presentation: Brexit, the future of the EU and its implications for the wider Europe

When: February 7, 14-16.
Where: C826, Niagara building

Paper (2)

Prof. Bo Petersson, (left) Co-Director of RUCARR,  will present a new book chapter: Perspektiv på östutvidgningen: EU:s triumf eller fröet till dess undergång? 

The chapter is included in the new publication: Tilliten i EU vid ett vägskäl. Europaperspektiv 2017. Santérus förlag.
Discussant: Associate professor Derek Hutchesson.

When: March 14, 14-16.
Where: Niagara building


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