Book release on Parliamentary Elections in Russia

RUCARR is pleased to announce the launch of the book Parliamentary Elections in Russia: A Quarter- Century of Multi-Party Politics by Dr Derek Hutcheson, Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Global Political Studies, at Malmö University.

The launch will take place at 15.30 hours on Thursday, 19 April 2018 in the Niagara Building, Nordensköildsgatan 1, Malmö, with an introduction by Prof. Bo Petersson (Co-director, RUCARR), a brief talk by Derek Hutcheson, and a reception.

Because the event will take place in a part of the building where public access is limited, please register in advance with, by 16 April. Arrangements will be made on the day to meet and and accompany you to the location.


                                                Synopsis of the book:

Russia is often in the news at the moment. As a nuclear power, permanent UN Security Council member, emerging Arctic hegemon and the largest state in the world, the country is of extreme importance in global politics. In the first long-term analysis of Russian parliamentary elections, Derek Hutcheson explores the country’s seven rounds of election since 1993, and also sets Russian politics into a wider context. Through the twists and turns of political reform, he combines official data, primary material and in-depth analysis to investigate the changes in Russia’s political system.




About Khalil

My name is Khalil Mutallimzada and I study Peace and Conflict Studies. The study that I plan to conduct will explore the motivations of people who voluntarily decide to join various military battalions. The purpose of my study is to get a better insight about the incentives of volunteers who travel to fight in the Eastern Ukraine. I would like to deepen my understanding about possible motivations to join the voluntary battalions, as well as the attractiveness of these military congregations for future recruits. My study aims to reveal the factors that attract and pull people to become volunteer combatants, as well as the push factors of their decisions to travel to the conflict zone in Donbass. The study will be designed in accordance with the case study methodology. During my free time, I love to play basketball and read political literature.
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