Christofer Berglund

Christofer Berglund, Associate professor, Department of Global Political Studies.

Areas of research interest

ethnic politics; international affairs; post-Soviet Eurasia.

Selected publications 

Berglund C, Dragojevic M, Blauvelt T. Sticking Together?: Georgia’s “Beached” Armenians Between Mobilization and Acculturation. Nationalism and Ethnic Politics (2021). info 

Berglund C, Souleimanov E. What is (not) asymmetric conflict? From conceptual stretching to conceptual structuring. Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict (2020). info

Berglund C. Accepting Alien Rule? State-Building Nationalism in Georgia’s Azeri Borderland. Europe-Asia Studies (2020). info

Selected projects

Planning for Integration: Landscapes of Power in Borderland Governance (info)

Conscription as Political Socialization in Divided Societies? Evidence from post-Soviet Estonia and post-independence Finland (info)

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Christofer Berglund at Malmö University staff page – info

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