Katrine Gotfredsen

Katrine Gotfredsen, senior lecturer in Caucasus Studies. She holds a doctoral degree in anthropology from the University of Copenhagen. She has done extensive ethnographic fieldwork in the Republic of Georgia.

Areas of research interest

Anthropology, the Caucasus region, post-socialism, political transformation, uncertainty, history, identity, morality, political forms and practices.

Selected publications 

Gotfredsen, KB. “Soviet, National, Local? Representations and perceptions of Joseph Stalin as a political and cultural figure in Gori.” In: Jahn, Hubertus (ed.), Representations and Identities in Georgia in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Munich: Schriften des Historischen Kollegs (2021).

Gotfredsen KB. A Museum of a Museum? Fused and parallel historical narratives in the Joseph Stalin State Museum. In Norris, Stephen (ed.): Museums of Communism: New Memory Sites in Central and Eastern Europe. Indiana University Press (2020).

Gotfredsen KB. & MD Frederiksen. Georgian Portraits. Essays on the Afterlives of a Revolution. Zero Books (2017).

Gotfredsen KB. Enemies of the people: Theorizing dispossession and mirroring conspiracy in the Republic of Georgia. Focaal—Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, Vol. 74 (2016).

Gotfredsen KB. Void Pasts and Marginal Presents: On Nostalgia and Obsolete Futures in the Republic of Georgia. Slavic Review, Vol. 73, No. 2 (2014).

Selected projects

Occupied Intimacies: Borderization in Palestine, Georgia and Western Sahara (info)

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Katrine Gotfredsen Senior lecturer (Caucasus Studies, PhD Anthropology) – info

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