Michel Anderlini

Michel Vincent Anderlini, Doctoral Student in Global political studies since 1st of February 2019, with a particular focus on the EU and Caucasus.

Areas of research interest

Social sciences, EU, Caucasus, Georgia.

PhD project 

His PhD project concerns the role of epistemic communities in the implementation of EU norms and policies in Georgia. As for all countries participating in the European Neighbourhood Policy, Georgia has benefited of a wide range of technical assistance in order to support the transposition, implementation and enforcement of the EU legislation, to which Georgia has committed to when signing the Association Agreement with the EU in 2014. Civil servants from EU Member States and Georgia have been brought together within the framework of Twinning or other capacity-building projects, thus forming distinct epistemic communities between experts working in the same policy field.

The PhD project started with the realization that a lot of the academic literature on norm transfer between the EU and its partner countries had concentrated on explaining how and why political actors decide to accept (or not) EU norms. On the contrary, this project wants to investigate what happens after a norm has been accepted by the political level, that is to say, when public administration in beneficiary countries such as Georgia has to implement and enforce legislation.

Since such epistemic communities are one of the main instruments used by the EU in order to support norm implementation, this PhD project looks particularly at the composition, membership and internal dynamics of such communities. It also focuses on the challenges they meet in attaining their goals.

Selected publications

Anderlini, M. (2021). Book review: Erica Marat, The Politics of Police Reform. Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, 2.

Anderlini, M. (2020). Möjligheter och begränsningar för EU:s aktörskap i södra Kaukasus. Nordisk Østforum, 34, 155-171.

Anderlini M. ‘The Bureaucratic Politics of the European Union : the case of the EU’s Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia’ (2019). Info

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