New publication – Language and Society in the Caucasus

New publication: Language and Society in the Caucasus. Understanding the past, navigating the present – a collection of articles presented as a festschrift for Prof. Karina Vamling, May 25 (below). Editors of the volume are Christofer Berglund, Katrine Gotfredsen, Jean Hudson and Bo Petersson.

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  • Oliver Reisner: Reflections on the history of Caucasian studies in Tsarist Russia and the early Soviet Union
  • Gerd Carling: Caucasian typology and Indo-European reconstruction
  • Manana Kobaidze: Recently borrowed English verbs and their morphological accomodation in English
  • Merab Chukhua: Paleo-Caucasian semantic dictionary
  • Klas-Göran Karlsson: The Armenian genocide. Recent scholarly interpretations
  • Stephen F. Jones: The Democratic Republic of Georgia, 1918-21
  • Derek Hutcheson & Bo Petersson: Rising from the ashes. The role of Chechnya in contemporary Russian politics
  • Lars Funch Hansen: Russification and resistance. Renewedd pressure on Circassian identity and new forms of local and transnational resistance in the North Caucasus
  • Lidia S. Zhigunova & Raymond Taras: Under the Holy Tree. Circassian activism, indigenous cosmologies and decolonizing practices
  • Alexandre Kukhianidze: Georgia: Democracy or super mafia?


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